Automatic workflow aborting

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There are some situations when a Workflow is aborted automatically.

If a workflow has been aborted for any reason you will not be able to start it again.

A workflow may be aborted automatically for the following reasons:

  • an unhandled error occurs during the workflow run
  • the related Content of the workflow is modified (in case it's a Content Workflow)


Unhandled errors

When an unhandled exception occurs during workflow run it will cause the running workflow to be aborted. Exceptions by default are logged into the Event log, see Logging for details.

Related Content modified

A Content Workflow always has a related Content attached on which the user has started the workflow previously. There are cases when the workflow relies heavily on the Content and therefore it is useful to automatically abort the workflow if any of the following actions happen to its related Content:

  • approved,
  • checked-in,
  • checked-out,
  • deleted,
  • or renamed.

To enable automatic aborting, simply set the Abort on related content change checkbox to true on the workflow definition. If you leave it unchecked the workflow will not abort if the related content changes.

Permission changes on the related content don't cause the content workflows associated to the content to be aborted.

To find out the reason for the aborting of a workflow, check the SystemMessages Field on the workflow. This Field stores diagnostic information about the workflow run, e.g. the reason of aborting.

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