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Blogs are well-known websites where people can share their thoughts. There are millions of blogs out there and now you are able to create your own Blog too inside your Sense/Net portal.


The Blog is a Workspace itself that can be created everywhere (e.g. in the root of a site) or under another workspace. For example you're running a document workspace for sharing valuable documents with your business partners. You can create a Blog under that workspace and let others know everything about those top secret files.

Adding a blog to a workspace

To add a blog to a workspace, you need to go to the Create other... page of the workspace that is available from the Workspace Actions menu on the top right corner of the workspace.

Create other...

Below Workspaces you'll see Blog. By clicking on it you can create your own blog under the desired workspace.

Create a blog or a wiki

If you don't see Blog in the Create other page then you need to add the Blog Content Type into the list of available Content Types of the current workspace.

For now, there is only one thing you can set on a blog. This attribute is called Show avatar and as it said it configures whether to show the creators' avatar or not by the title of the post.

Enabling and disabling avatars

Configure your site to operate as a blog

Create your Blog Workspace

Create a new Blog Workspace under Default_Site

Change the page layout

Change the Page Template of the Default_Site to sn-layout-intra-blog.html

Change Page Template

The Default_Site looks like so now:

Default Site

Bind the Menu to your Workspace

Set the Bind Target of the side menu to Custom Root and set the path to your Blog Workspace (e.g. /Root/Sites/Default_Site/MyBlog)

Show blog posts on your site

Add a new ContentCollectionPortlet to display the Blog Posts.

Set the following properties:

  • Appearance: Border only
  • View: /Root/Global/contentviews/Blog/BlogCollectionView.ascx
  • Bind target: Custom Root
  • Custom root path: /Root/Sites/Default_Site/MyBlog/Posts
  • All children: checked
  • Show pager control: checked
  • Childer filter: +TypeIs:BlogPost +IsPublished:True +PublishedOn:<@@CurrentTime@@ .REVERSESORT:PublishedOn
  • Enable paging: checked
  • Top: 10

Your home page should look similar to it now:

Default Site

Set the remaining portlets

Set the Context binding of the Archive ContentCollectionPortlet and the TagCloud portlet to your posts (Custom Root, /Root/Sites/Default_Site/MyBlog/Posts)

That’s it, your Sense/Net site works as a blog now!

Adding and editing posts

On the left side of the blog page you can see a small menu that contains the main features of the blog. Click on New post to create a new blog post.

Add new blog post

There are a couple things you can set before saving the post:

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Published IsPublished True
Specifies whether this blog post published and can be seen in the blog.
Publish date PublishedOn Any valid date and time The blog post will appear after this date.Valid Date format is:M/d/yyyy. You can specify the time in h:mm tt format.
Leading text (required) LeadingText Long text Blog post leading text
Body text (optional) BodyText Long text Blog post body text. If specified, Read more... link will appear below the leading text.
Tags Tags Long text List of short tags separated by comma describing the post

If you have enough permission to edit or delete a blog post then move your mouse over the title of the post and two action links will appear in the right side as you can see in the image below:

Edit or delete post actions appear by mouse hover for Editors or Administrators

Portlets on your blog's page


Blog posts are separated into subfolders in the background. These directories are also used as archive folders. Every folder is named with the following format: "yyyy-MM" (e.g.: 2011-06), specifying the publishing year and month of the given post. These folders are listed in the right side of the blog page under the Archive portlet. Only folders with at least one published post are listed.

Blog archive categories


On the left side of the blog page you can see a small menu that contains the main features of the blog.

You can go back to the blog's main page, add a new post, see the unpublished posts or search for posts here.

Side menu

Tag cloud

On the right side of your page there is another small portlet called Tag cloud. It contains the tags related to your blog posts (and weighted by number of occurrence).

Tag cloud


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