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  • 6.0
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The Boolean Field is used for storing a boolean value (true or false).


Field handler

  • handler: SenseNet.ContentRepository.Fields.BooleanField
  • short name: Boolean

Usage in CTD:

   <Field name="IsSystemContent" type="Boolean">

Supported Field Controls


There are no specific properties defined for this Field Control besides the common properties.

For a complete list of common Field Setting configuration properties see CTD Field definition.


Fully featured example:

    <Field name="RequiresRegistration" type="Boolean">
      <DisplayName>Requires registration</DisplayName>

The above example configures the Reference Field so that:

  • display name will be Requires registration
  • the field will be hidden in browse mode and it will be under the advanced fields in edit and new mode when the Content is displayed with Generic Content View.

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