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This page contains information about the following patch published for Sense/Net ECM Enterprise Edition:

  • version before the patch:
  • version after the patch:

Release date: November 21, 2016

Please note that patches, upgrades and other packages are published only for the Enterprise Edition.

Community customers may perform the upgrade manually after the next community release.

Installing the patch

To install this patch, please follow the following steps.

SnAdmin folder and configuration

Make sure that you have a complete SnAdmin folder in your web folder and the configuration (connection string, paths of other web folders in NLB system) is correct (especially for the SnAdminRuntime.exe tool in the Tools folder). Please read that article carefully about executing a package - for example when to stop and start the web site, how to configure the tool.

Before patching

This patch contains a couple of changes (we moved a few classes, this is part of the ongoing cleanup process) that may break your solution, if you used certain APIs. Please make sure that you build your project using the new SenseNet libraries found in the package before executing it. Please include your library in the package and execute it in your current web folder (please note that you cannot execute it in a web folder that somehow already contains new libraries, the previous version has to be intact).

See the breaking changes section below for details.

Execute the package

This patch contains the following package. You should copy it to the SnAdmin folder and execute it (the SnAdmin tool is inside the Admin\bin folder):

SnAdmin snent-patch-

It is highly advisable to make a complete backup before executing a patch to make sure that no information gets lost.

Task Management

If you are using Task Management, please follow these steps to update it:

New Task Management libraries

Please copy over the new task management libraries (version 1.1) from the patch below manually to your task management web folder (not the SenseNet web).


Copy task executors

You will have to update task executor tools manually on agent machines. Sense/Net ECM deploys the new versions of these tools into the web\TaskManagement\TaskExecutors folder. Please copy over all files/libraries (you may have to preserve or merge configuration files if you made any modifications).

  • Because we updated the NewtonSoft.Json library to its latest version (from v6 to v9), you will have to update config files for task executors manually to contain the new assembly bindings. Please refer to the config files in the web folder for reference (those are updated automatically by the patch).

Check the results

You can review the log files created for the execution or - after restarting the website - you may open the Version Info page accessible from the Root Console in Content Explorer.

Patch contents

In this section we list all the important new features, bug fixes and breaking changes that were made in the product since the release of the previous patch. To check previous change logs, please visit the following article:


  • We upgraded the TinyMCE richtext editor to the latest version (4.4.3) that involves changes in the editor's configuration files. Please check the config files located in the /Root/System/SystemPlugins/Controls folder and merge your previous options with the new ones. During the patch we rename your old config files and give them the '-old' prefix.
    • AjaxRichTextConfig.config (old one is renamed to AjaxRichTextConfig-old.config)
    • DemoRichTextConfig.config (old one is renamed to DemoRichTextConfig-old.config)
    • RichTextConfig.config (old one is renamed to RichTextConfig-old.config)
  • If you have a custom setting in your page templates for PRC visibility, please review those settings. There is a better way now to control who can see the PRC on a page: we created a new built-in group called PRCViewers just for that, so you can remove the custom setting from the page template.



  • We added a few new built-in groups for your convenience: it is much easier to give access for users to certain features, you can simply put them into global groups that work as roles (e.g. PRC viewers or Content Explorers).

For developers

  • Blob provider: in this release we added a major feature to the Blob provider API released previously. From now on developers can access raw binary data through this API locally, without having to download or upload whole files through the REST API. This can significantly speed up import scenarios and takes the heavy load off the web servers.
  • Html templates is a new option for developers to create JavaScript plugins without hardcoding html fragments. you can define those fragments separately in the Content Repository as Html template files and use them in your plugins as JSON properties. The JSON script generation and caching stuff is taken care of by the platform.
  • We added a new, unified logging infrastructure for logging events (not necessarily written to the Windows Event Log, that depends on configuration). From now on you can write messages (information, error or warning) to the central logging infrastructure using the new SnLog API. This feature complements the already existing SnTrace feature that is designed to handle huge number of trace lines.
  • The Survey Editor plugin now builds on the new Html templates feature: we added all the necessary UI templates that you can customize in your project.
  • The new NodeIdentifier object can be used in scenarios when you want to load multiple nodes based on identifiers that can either be a node id or a path - for example an OData action that receives an unknown array as a parameter.
  • OData
    • Response to the OData OPTIONS preflight request is supported from now on. This is needed by 3rd party JS plugins.

Breaking changes

We made a few changes in this release that you might need to push into your code too.

  • We updated the NewtonSoft.Json library to its latest version (from v6 to v9). If you use this library in your project, please update that too.
  • Namespace changes
    • We moved all our built-in event ids to the Tools library (to the SenseNet.Diagnostics.EventId class). If you used any of them in your code for logging, please update the namespaces.
    • TypeNotFoundException class has been moved to the SenseNet.Tools namespace.
    • BlobStorageContext class has been moved to the SenseNet.ContentRepository.Storage.Data namespace.
  • The TaskPriority enum (in the TaskManagement core library) was extended with a new first value (System). These tasks will always be executed before anything else. If you have built on the previous enumeration values, please update those code parts accordingly.
  • You might also want to check the Warnings list after you build your solution in Visual Studio as we marked a few APIs obsolete (e.g. the old Logger class). They still work, but will be removed in a subsequent release.

Resolved bugs

  • Audit log changed data contained an incorrectly formatted binary data. Now it contains the FileId and Timestamp values too.
  • When creating a new content list (e.g. Tasks or Memos) the File type will not be added automatically to the child types list - unless the 'Email to list' feature makes it necessary of course.
  • We are not waiting for the result of a task registration operation, because waiting for an async method fails in some environments.
  • Content portlet uses the old ViewPath property as a fallback if there is no Renderer provided.
  • Depth is a computed property from now on and it returns the correct value. Index will be updated when content items are saved next time.
  • Interpretation of boolean values is changed in case of the field setting's Compulsory and ReadOnly properties. The value is undefined if the value exists but empty, false if the value is "false" (case insensitive from now on), and "true" in any other case.
  • Membership extender is called even if the current user is the Visitor. This lets you put visitors into special groups on-the-fly.
  • Updating binary properties causes less SQL maintenance in case the Filestream feature is switched ON.

Feature previews

We are working on the next major version of Sense/Net ECM: SN7. We document the process on our blog.

We started to decompose our project to smaller parts. This is needed to make the whole product cleaner and easier to maintain - and to build a broader community. We are aiming to build an even more open project than before, expect some news on this in the near future! The good news is that we are still compatible with previous versions and we'd like to keep it that way.

3rd party plugins

For the list of 3rd party plugins used in this release, please visit the following article:

Differences between Community and Enterprise editions

For the list of the differences between the Community and the Enterprise editions in this release, please visit the following article:

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