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This page contains information about the following patch published for Sense/Net ECM Enterprise Edition:

  • version before the patch:
  • version after the patch:

Release date: September 6, 2016

Please note that patches, upgrades and other packages are published only for the Enterprise Edition.

Community customers may perform the upgrade manually after the next community release.

Installing the patch

To install this patch, please follow the following steps.

SnAdmin folder and configuration

Make sure that you have a complete SnAdmin folder in your web folder and the configuration (connection string, paths of other web folders in NLB system) is correct (especially for the SnAdminRuntime.exe tool in the Tools folder). Please read that article carefully about executing a package - for example when to stop and start the web site, how to configure the tool.

Before executing the package, please copy the new SnAdmin.exe and SnAdmin.pdb files from inside the package's Admin folder to your web\Admin\bin folder. This tool must be refreshed manually as of now.

Execute the package

This patch contains the following package. You should copy it to the SnAdmin folder and execute it (the SnAdmin tool is inside the Admin\bin folder):

SnAdmin snent-patch-

It is highly advisable to make a complete backup before executing a patch to make sure that no information gets lost.

Copy task executors

You will have to update task executor tools manually on agent machines. Sense/Net ECM deploys the new versions of these tools into the web\TaskManagement\TaskExecutors folder. Please copy over all files/libraries (you may have to preserve or merge configuration files if you made any modifications).

Check the results

You can review the log files created for the execution or - after restarting the website - you may open the Version Info page accessible from the Root Console in Content Explorer.

Patch contents

In this section we list all the important new features, bug fixes and breaking changes that were made in the product since the release of the previous patch. To check previous change logs, please visit the following article:


No migration is needed in this release.


  • Permission Overview: a cool new interface for taking a glimpse at the permission setting structure in the whole Content Repository.

For developers

  • Blob provider API: this new component is part of our database provider and lets you store binaries separately from the metadata (even outside of the Content Repository). Currently the built-in blob provider supports only storing binaries in the SQL database, but in the future we will offer a couple of choices. Developers may start working on creating their own custom blob provider though (for example one that store files in the file system or in the cloud).
  • Security activity lifetime is configurable for the security component. Default is 25 hours.
  • Overlay manager has a new 'hideMessage' method to hide error message elements.

Breaking changes

  • OData
    • The Login action returns a User content instead of a bool value to give developers more resources.

Resolved bugs

  • OData
    • From now it is possible to use Content List fields (the ones starting with a #) in OData filters (e.g. substringof) and also in LINQ to Sense/Net expressions (with the indexer syntax).
  • WebDAV
    • Webdav will not list files that are under uploading (or not finalized yet for any reason). This lets Windows Explorer show finalized files and folders correctly instead of displaying an empty folder.
  • Url list: if the user enters an incorrect URL when editing and saving a site, we display an error message and preserve previous (correct) urls.
  • Database
    • SQL operations containing the LIKE operator (e.g. Move, Delete, TreeLock) work correctly in case values contain an underscore wildcard.
  • Notification
    • Subscriptions are updated when a user changes: email value is updated and in case the user is disabled we disable subscriptions.
    • Subscriptions are removed completely if the user is deleted.
  • Security
    • When a user logs out, we remove the session cookie from the client for security reasons.
  • Indexing
    • From now on we always delete index documents from the index related to a version before adding the new one to avoid having duplicate documents.
  • ReferenceGrid Field Control: the grid is refreshed after deleting an item to keep paging controls up-to-date.
  • Image gallery thumbnail view: the date value is not displayed if it is not set and has the default value (2001-01-01).
  • Currency field: currency symbol is displayed correctly (as configured in the CTD). If it is not set, the fallback is the current culture.
  • AD to Portal sync
    • The AD sync tool loads all available AD-related content types from the portal. This prevents errors in case of custom User types.
    • More error handling was added to the tool when queries to the portal are refused (e.g. by a proxy).
  • Client library
    • Content query parameter is escaped correctly to avoid the construction of invalid urls.
  • CQL 2 SQL compiler will not compile content queries containing datetime expressions to SQL because SQL Server cannot handle all date values in a query (e.g. the ones smaller than 1753).
  • After setting a choice aspect field in a custom odata action, the returned formatted field will not throw an exception in case the field is based on an Enum.
  • Content collection views set on the Portlet property dialog can be skin-relative now and they preserve this state.
  • The Cryptographic API first tries the user store than the machine store when loading the certificate.
  • Minimizing the number of opened SQL connections by adding a missing using block around a new DataProcedure query execution.

Feature previews

We are working on the next major version of Sense/Net ECM: SN7. We document the process on our blog. These are just a few examples of the changes that we are making under the hood to prepare for that:

  • New field control templates (and their corresponding REST APIs) are being created for our modern skins:
    • Currency
    • Query builder
    • Name control

3rd party plugins

For the list of 3rd party plugins used in this release, please visit the following article:

Differences between Community and Enterprise editions

For the list of the differences between the Community and the Enterprise editions in this release, please visit the following article:

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