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This page contains the changes in Sense/Net between versions and

Download Sense/Net ECM 6.2 Community Edition:


  • CTD Localization: field display name/description and choice field options are localizable.
  • OData REST API.
  • Content Repository is fully internationalized: all string resources are availabe in English and in Hungarian languages.
  • ContentView.GetValue returns the formatted value in case of number/currency and datetime fields by default. It is possible to get the string representation of the raw value by calling the GetRawValue method.
  • PRC template path - layout can be customized by providing template path.
  • Workflow: new contentquery activity.
  • Adsync: SyncGroups setting is applied to portal2ad direction as well.
  • xml.xslt application is able to work in fallback disk fs support mode.
  • SenseNetGlobal class added for customizing the ASP.NET's Global HttpApplication methods.
  • Journal (CRUD) posts are not displayed on the workspace and user wall. Content wall still contains journal items.
  • Follow: user can follow workspaces, followed workspaces can be managed via service calls on Workspace.mvc.
  • ActionLinkButton: SpanClass property added so that icon can be rendered as a span with a specific class, instead of an img tag - useful to use with icon sprites.
  • Wall: wall ascx renderer can be changed via portlet property.
  • Wall: wall markups (/Root/Global/renderers/Wall) can be overridden in skins.
  • Document preview: preview images are automatically generated for uploaded/changed documents if corresponding preview provider is present.
  • Xml.xslt app renamed to xml. From now on use mycontent?action=xml.
  • New API for SenseNetResourceManager which allows to retrieve all the classes and all the keys in a class regardless or culture.
  • Breadcrumb portlet: the first element can be bound to root, currentsite, currentworkspace, currentlist; default is currentsite.
  • Contentlink: fields to be used from contentlink instance instead of linked content can be specified by overriding the NotLinkedFields property that returns a list of field names.
  • Contentlink overlay icon distinguishes content links from regular content.
  • Displayname fieldcontrol: localized displaynames can be edited with a customized resource editor dialog
  • Language code added to field xml Serialization options. This lets the system cache field xml for different languages.
  • Copy/Move/Delete actions are now using ajax calls instead of full-page redirects.
  • IndexPopulator has a new parameter: -NOBACKUP. Means: after populating the system will not back up the index to the database, it is a manual task of the system operator.
  • Enhanced logging of errors: exception messages are gathered in Logger (including ReflectionTypeLoadException).
  • Cache settings: portlet cache and Xslt application cache got a new setting: 'Language influences caching'. If set, language code is added to the cache key and different output is cached for every language. Default: false.

Configuration changes

  • LuceneIndex and backup folders are moved under App_Data folder - indexdirectory settings in app and web configs are affected.
  • Fallback culture is set to English in web.config.
  • Default value of the notification's "MasterSwitch" is "on".

Resolved bugs

  • Export/import fix: Password now does not export empty password. Importer: log file information is more sophisticated.
  • Wall fix: Non-administrator users could not create comments/posts/likes when there were no comment/post/like on a content yet.
  • Office protocol fix: word saved malformed document back to repository when opened via office protocol.
  • Node caching fix: if resource value changed content was displayed with original value. When node data is inserted into cache, it gets a cache dependency for every resource file that is used by any of the node properties (in case one or more fields are localized, meaning it contains a resource key).
  • Contentlink fix: linking Version field caused content link to disappear if linked content was checked out and content link was saved. The Version field of ContentLink no longer reflects the Version field of the linked content, it comes from the contentlink instance.
  • Voting fix: menu items to add questions were not shown. Addfield scenario name fixed.
  • Notification fix: "Set Notification" action is forbidden, if the "MasterSwitch" is "off".
  • Notification fix: An attention is presented on the notification editor when mail server configuration is missing or it is the default.
  • Move/Delete fixes: moving/deleting did not mind if content was moved to other location just before executing the action. Now content are required to be available at original source path before move/delete, otherwise an error is shown.
  • List fix: 'delete selected' link is not clickable if disabled (eg. when no items are selected).
  • Date picker fix: time milliseconds are preserved but hidden.
  • Export to csv action fix: handles errors correctly and does not throw an exception.
  • Portlet editing fix: portlet editing menu repositioned to correct location right before opening.
  • Contentlink fix: fields that by default come from the linked content were displayed in the new view. Now they are hidden.
  • Dialog upload fix: uploaded image query building is corrected. IFrame upload action is added to page type too.
  • Single content portlet fix: contenteditable inputs on displayed contentview are now editable if page is in edit mode.
  • Single content portlet fix: only allowed web content types are now listed on the new panel.
  • Picker and tree fixes: highlight color is darker and user friendly
  • Demo fixes: open and runapp permissions are granted for demo Developers
  • Search portlet fix: Invalid content query exception is now user friendly.
  • Wall fix: post markups did not use workspace skin even if it was explicitly set.
  • Skinmanager fix: current skin can be resolved on site level even if current page is null.
  • Webdav fix: new files can be created by drag & drop.
  • Resource editor fix: ResourceEditorController did not enable to enter HTML.
  • Xss fix: search portlet does encodes query text before including it in an error message.
  • Xss fix: actionname is encoded when displayed in an exception error message.
  • Wall fix: user fullname is displayed instead of username.
  • Node is out of date fix: portal threw repeated 'node is out of date' errors even if content was reloaded. Now before throwing NodeIsOutOfDateException the related node is removed from the cache.
  • Https fix: base tag contained a hardcoded schema in the base url. From now base tag control renders the correct site url (no schema and no port number if it is not needed)
  • Skin rename fix: Renaming a skin does not cause an error.
  • Name control fix: displayed name rendered buggy when typing too long text in display name field.
  • Indexing fix: DateTime field index handler did not return correct value.
  • List Available Actions view fixed: long scenario values broke the rendered table.
  • ExchangeSubscriptionService fix: portal threw exception "Request is not available in this context" upon exchangesubscriptionservice trying to save subscriptionid on contentlist.
  • Number formatting fix: format currency values according to current culture, except the sign: it comes from the field setting.
  • MembershipExtension fixes: User.MembershipExtension data cached and User.IsInGroup minds the MembershipExtensions as well, not just the static permissions.
  • Content List cell template fix: cell templates did not check whether the content has the appropriate field. Now they display an empty string in such cases.
  • Content api fix: changed data contains reference value information (id list) when a content is saved.
  • Indexing fixes: validate the index document data to be stored in the database before saving it to ensure that it contains the necessary fields. More logging in case of error during lucene tree activities (e.g. content rename).
  • Portlet picker fix: did not display the description of portlets.
  • Number formatting fix: Currency and number field formatting in lists and browse views (thousand separators).
  • Workflow start options validation fix: it did not allow to assign workflow to a list even if a start option was selected, saying that at least one start option has to be selected.
  • Imageurl fix: UITools.GetAvatarUrl's returned url is used with additional width/height parameters, but this caused double '?' to be present in the url. From now width/height parameters can be given to UITools.GetAvatarUrl, that will return correct url. Also: image does not require "dynamicThumbnail" parameter, width/height is adequate.
  • Localization fix: localized field value is indexed only if resource manager is running. This is relevant only the initial import scenario.
  • App.config fixes: tools' default indexdirectory path are unique.
  • Adsync fix: cacheing of nodes threw exception if there were problems with syncguid property, without further info. Now it logs info and exception.
  • LuceneIndex and backup folders are moved under App_Data folder for security reasons
  • Incremental naming fix: allow incremental naming for custom list item type (CTD setting).
  • Content xml caching fixes: content xml cache key contains the options (field names, actions) to be able to cache different content xml for different scenarios.
  • Search for path in Node table uses Latin1 general CI collation to avoid collation-related search issues. Collation of Path column is set to Latin1 general.
  • Office protocol fix: office popped up a dialog asking user to check in if autocheckoutfiles was switched on. now we don't send lockedby info in fpp requests, editable/readonly mode is determined by webdav lock requests

Breaking changes

  • Applications' icons are stored in the new StoredIcon property. Icon property is read only and available on GenericContent. Icon property for Application Content Types is read-write.
  • Batch actions (copy, move, delete) on ListViews use path information instead of id of the selected nodes. For this reason ListView and ExploreListView.xslt have changed. This change in the templates will require all existing template-based ListViews to be re-generated.

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