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This page contains information about the following patch published for Sense/Net ECMS Enterprise Edition:

  • version before the patch:
  • version after the patch:

Release date: 15 December, 2014

Please note that patches, upgrades and other packages are published only for the Enterprise Edition. Community customers may perform the upgrade manually after the next community release.

Installing the patch

To install this patch, please follow the following steps.

SnAdmin folder and configuration

Make sure that you have a complete SnAdmin folder in your web folder and the configuration (connection string, paths of other web folders in NLB system) is correct (especially for the SnAdminRuntime.exe tool in the Tools folder). Please read that article carefully about executing a package - for example when to stop and start the web site, how to configure the tool.

Execute the package

This patch contains the following package. You should copy it to the SnAdmin folder and execute it:

SnAdmin snent-patch-

Configuration changes

The following configuration files changed but cannot be updated automatically on external agent machines. If you are using the Task Management feature in distributed mode, you will need to update your configuration files on agent machines manually:

  • TaskManagement\SenseNetTaskAgent.exe.config
  • TaskManagement\TaskExecutors\AsposePreviewGenerator\AsposePreviewGenerator.exe.config

Known issues

If you created a custom library for your project and encounter a TypeLoadException during patch execution, do the following:

  1. extract the new product binaries from the package (bin folder inside the zip file)
  2. copy them to your CoreReferences folder and rebuild your custom libraries using the new dlls
  3. add your custom libraries to the bin folder in the package (do not copy the new library to the web server)
  4. re-run the package

Check the results

You can review the log files created for the execution or after restarting the website you may review the results of the GetVersionInfo OData action.

Patch contents

In this article we list all the important new features, bug fixes and breaking changes that were made in the product since the release of the previous patch. To check previous change logs, please visit the following article:


  • Document preview
    • Preview generator errors sent by the task agent will be logged by the preview finalizer.
    • Developers may take advantage of this information in their custom task finalizers.
  • Document Viewer for Developers
    • Two new callbacks are added to the Document Viewer (viewerError, documentChanged)
    • Clicking on a non-active page can select the page for drawing in edit mode.
    • Error message is shown when the user tries to draw a shape on multiple pages.
  • Resume upload
    • If a chunked file upload process gets interrupted, the portal will be able to resume (continue) the upload later using a locally stored file information.
    • Client-side API is available for developers to build a custom UI for the upload resume feature.
    • Developers may take advantage of a new data provider method: writing chunks to a random position in the stream.
  • Task Management
    • It is possible for task management agents to connect to the portal using NTLM authentication so that operators are not forced to provide the username and password in the configuration file.
    • Task finalizers should provide a list of supported task names. This way only the registered finalizers will be executed when a task was finished.
    • Task execution errors are sent back to the server and task finalizers will be able to handle and log errors.
    • Only the existing task executors are updated automatically on agent machines to avoid placing unwanted executors on dedicated machines. New executors must be copied to the agent machines manually.
  • Sense/Net ECM supports ASP.NET Web API from now on. Developers may create custom plugins for routing and use their own controllers.
  • SnAdmin
    • New Built-in steps were added or enhanced to make package management easier: AppendXmlAttributes, EditXmlNodes, DeleteXmlNodes, ReplaceText, IfXmlNodeExists.
  • Cross-origin resource sharing: External sites (domains) are able to access OData resources in Sense/Net ECM only if they are included in a white list of domains.

Breaking changes

Resolved bugs

  • Version history page displays the correctly formatted modification date the same way as other lists.
  • Newtonsoft.Json assembly is updated to its new version (6.0.6). All the related references and config files are changed.
  • We support extracting text from rtf files from now on.
  • Preview provider draws redactions on thumbnails using a more accurate algorithm.
  • Date picker control is able to work with cultures that format dates differently than the default (e.g. German, Turkish, etc.). Time offset handling and date field formatting has been improved also. Turkish language file was added for date picker control.
  • Cross-origin resource sharing fix in OData: only requests from the current domain are allowed by default.
  • Reference aspect-field is persisted as an id-array instead of a path-array. These fields are still exported as path-arrays. Parsing a reference field is able to recognize both kinds of arrays.
  • ContentType view (used only in Content Explorer) was fixed to be able to display generic content as well.
  • Content property descriptor works with a culture-independent comparison.
  • Global settings are imported after aspects before any other content. Other settings are imported at the first position on every tree level.
  • When downloading potentially large files the whole binary is not loaded into the memory on the server: the bytes are served to the client immediately instead.
  • Scroll to thumbnail issues in vertical scrolling mode are fixed in the Document Viewer.
  • In case it is not possible to create a content in a certain folder (e.g. a content list under another content list), Content add portlet will display an error message stating this.
  • GetRelatedItems OData function returns with the right collection even if there is an inheritance break in the subtree.
  • Resource manager is started during system startup to avoid missing resource errors during the first request.
  • If a user with a system account checks out a content it will be locked by the logged-in user’s id instead of the system user’s.

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