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This page contains information about the following patch published for Sense/Net ECM Enterprise Edition:

  • version before the patch:
  • version after the patch:

Release date: 04 February, 2015

Please note that patches, upgrades and other packages are published only for the Enterprise Edition. Community customers may perform the upgrade manually after the next community release.

Installing the patch

To install this patch, please follow the following steps.

SnAdmin folder and configuration

Make sure that you have a complete SnAdmin folder in your web folder and the configuration (connection string, paths of other web folders in NLB system) is correct (especially for the SnAdminRuntime.exe tool in the Tools folder). Please read that article carefully about executing a package - for example when to stop and start the web site, how to configure the tool.

Execute the package

This patch contains the following package. You should copy it to the SnAdmin folder and execute it:

SnAdmin snent-patch-

Check the results

You can review the log files created for the execution or after restarting the website you may review the results of the GetVersionInfo OData action.

Patch contents

In this article we list all the important new features, bug fixes and breaking changes that were made in the product since the release of the previous patch. To check previous change logs, please visit the following article:


  • The Workflow engine is able to work with workflows containing C# expressions.
  • A new API was created for rebuilding the Lucene index of a content or a subtree.
  • TreeLock feature allows developers to lock a subtree in the Content Repository for a time being.
  • Speedup
    • Settings are cached internally using a new, fast tree cache technology to avoid too many Content loads.
    • Content Save operation writes text properties in one step to reduce SQL server load.
    • Lazy text properties are loaded in a single step instead of a SQL access per property.
    • Unnecessary NodeHead loading is eliminated: if the requested id is 0 or less, the loader method will not query the database.

Breaking changes

There are no breaking changes in this release.

Resolved bugs

  • Viewing documents
    • Microsoft Office applications display the correct user when listing the version history of a document.
    • Aspose preview generator does not raise an error message if a document or a particular version disappears during image generation (for example because of the versioning/approving process).
    • Task Management agents crashed sometimes when the SignalR connection was broken. Now we log a warning about the event instead.
  • Indexing and database
    • Default indexing mode is set to Analyzed instead of No to make sure that a certain field is indexed, even if there was no explicit indexing configuration provided in the field definition (usually in case of Aspect fields).
    • When we rebuild the Lucene index (either the full Content Repository or only a subtree) we execute a database query instead of a Content Query to get a correct result set.
    • Two new indexes were created on the security entries tables to reduce the possibility of a SQL deadlock.
    • Content Repository installer SQL scripts are able to work with case sensitive collation.
  • User profile browse page does not crash if something is wrong with the context (e.g. the user is missing).
  • A missing safe query was added to AD provider to let Portal to AD sync mechanism perform the necessary actions.

Known issues

You may still have issues with the Task Management framework if you use the local task manager and a built-in IIS user with few permissions. In that case please try to use a domain user or local system account as the application pool user.

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