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Sense/Net ECMS is a robust and scalable system and also a development platform. There are several aspects of the system where the development and the production environment differs in configuration settings. This article contains a few recommendations that you may consider when setting up your Sense/Net ECM installations.


The following list contains elements of the system that may differ in a development and production environment and a few recommendations.

Release or debug build

It may be more convenient to work with the debug version of the libraries you develop, but it is recommended to deploy libraries that are built in release mode. The base Sense/Net ECM libraries are always released in release mode and you should deploy the release version of your custom libraries too mainly because of performance reasons.

Disk file system support mode

There is a configuration setting in Web.config that controls whether the files (binaries) are served from the file system or from the Content Repository. The settings is called DiskFSSupportMode and has the following possible values:

  • Fallback: The files are always served from the repository. It is recommended in production environment.
  • Prefer: if the file exists in the file system it will be served from there instead of the repository. It is recommended only in development environment if the files are need to be checked in to a version control system. This setting has some restrictions:
    • It only works on file types (.css, .js, .ascx, etc.).
    • There are some exceptions to Prefer mode. An exception where it would not work is pagetemplates, that are html files in the file system and inherit from the File type, however their content will always be loaded from the repository regardless of the DiskFSSupportMode setting.
    • The corresponding file needs to be present in the repository as well. If the file does not exist in the repository, you will get a 404, instead of the file being served from the file system.
    • Content Explorer always shows the file contents loaded from the repository.
    • This mode cannot be used to create files in the file system or persist changes in the file system. Changes made on the portal are always persisted to the repository. Prefer mode only affects serving the files in a browse manner.

Choose the Fallback value in production environment:

<add key="DiskFSSupportMode" value="Fallback" />

In production environment you should always remove the whole Root folder from the web folder that exists in our source code release package.

Operation trace

The operation trace is useful in the development phase but it should be switched off in a production environment due to performance reasons.

<add key="OperationTrace" value="false" />


In a development environment you may work with a more detailed logging or direct logged messages into a different target location (e.g. to a text file instead of the event log). Please check the following article about configuring logging in Sense/Net ECM.

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