Differences between Community and Enterprise editions - version 6.5.4

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  • 100%
  • 6.5.4
  • Enterprise
  • Community
  • Planned

This page contains the differences between the Community and Enterprise editions in Sense/Net ECM 6.5 from version


PUBLIC (free)
Sense/Net ECM Community 6.5 Sense/Net ECM Enterprise 6.5 Evaluation Sense/Net ECM Enterprise 6.5
License GPL (v2) Sense/Net Enterprise Evaluation EULA (full text included in the package) Sense/Net Enterprise EULA (reference)
Acceptance By using By using Sign EULA/Order
Access Public download from CodePlex Public download from sensenet.com For customers only from sensenet.com
Format One ZIP binary install, one ZIP source One ZIP binary install One ZIP binary install, one ZIP source
License text placement Codeplex site, ZIP root, CR/GUI ZIP root, CR/GUI Notice only: ZIP root, CR/GUI
Usable in production Yes, with GPL No Yes, under EULA
Usable in development environment Yes, with GPL No (EVALUATION ONLY) Yes, under EULA
Features All, except for the following:
  • Distributed Task Management
  • Aspose preview generator (Sample of Document preview functionality is released)
  • Aspose pdf text extractor
  • AD to Portal sync tool
All All
Aspose included No Yes (full) Yes (full)
Aspose usable as a component n/a No No
Active Directory synchronization No Yes Yes
Task Management component No Yes Yes
Demo structure, demo content Yes Yes Yes
Hardened Yes Yes Yes
May include unstable or experimental code Yes No No
Source included All, except for the excluded features above. No All
Source code GPL notice n/a Enterprise notice
Release notes wiki.sensenet.com See release notes.txt in the package See release notes.txt in the package
Credits.txt Lists all contributors up to date Lists all contributors up to date Lists all contributors up to date

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