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The synchronization of users from a Novell eDirectory to the portal is done by the same task executor (console application) used in AD to Portal sync.

For general details please refer to Active Directory Synchronization.



To configure eDir to Portal sync, please customize the settings as explained in the AD to Portal sync article.

  • set Novell eDir Support to true
  • define an account in the User credentials for the server that has sufficient rights to read from the eDirectory
  • in the Property Mappings section define a custom property (ie. mail) as the Name for the created portal user (user names in Novell eDirectory are not unique, whereas they have to be unique on the portal)
  • setup Forms authentication from AD, define a custom domain and set the CustomLoginProperty to true.
  • create the domain defined in the Forms authentication from AD configuration on the portal (by creating a new Domain node) under /Root/IMS.

When using custom login properties it is recommended to set the portal's default domain to the newly created domain. This way when logging on to the portal users have to give their custom properties (ie. mail) instead of their (login) names, without using domain prefix. To do this customize the DefaultDomain appsettings key in the web.config:

<add key="DefaultDomain" value="MOCK" />

To set up Forms authentication from AD correspondingly customize the sensenet/formsAuthenticationFromAD section in the web.config according to the following example:

        <authSetting domain="MOCK" adServer="" virtualADUser="false" customLoginProperty="mail" 
customADAdminAccountName="cn=admin,o=teszt" customADAdminAccountPwd="12345" />

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