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Edit source

Sense/Net Content Repository stores many different types of content: news articles, images, office documents. Some of them can be viewed and edited only in a special editor like Word documents, some of them are text files that can be edited in any kind of text editor.

Sense/Net provides a special editor for text files with a highlighted view for many different types. You can edit xml, JavaScript, css files and many more in a comfortable, easy way.

Edit source action

There is an application in the Content Repository for editing text files called Edit source. This is defined for the File type (/Root/(apps)/File/BinarySpecial) but visible only for the types that you want to. You can configure the list of editable file types in Web.config. If you change this list (e.g. add a custom extension), the action will appear on files with that extension.


The list of editable file types can be modified in Web.config. This can be done in the configuration section portalSettings. If you modify the EditSourceExtensions value, Edit source action will appear on files with the extension you added.

The following list shows the default settings in Sense/Net:

   <add key="EditSourceExtensions" value=".ascx;.config;.css;.js;.xml;.html;.htm;.aspx;.template;.xslt;.txt" />