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In Sense/Net, a running workflow could have been aborted as a consequence of any of the following reasons:

  • an unhandled error occurred in the workflow run
  • the related content of the workflow is changed (in case it’s a Content Workflow)
  • the user aborts it manually

This document describes the third situation: what should the user do, if he or she wants to abort a running workflow. There's an other document which covers the topic: Automatic workflow aborting.

If a workflow is aborted for some reason you won’t be able to start it again.

There are many ways to abort a workflow. You can do it with Explore in almost every situation or you can use the Manage Workflows setting if you are working with Content Workflows under a Content List. In the following step-by-step tutorials, I will show you both methods.

To abort a running workflow, the user must have the following permissions:

  • See,Open,Save permission on the workflow
  • See,Open,Run Application permissions on the Abort application (/Root/(apps)/Workflow/Abort)


Manage Workflows setting can be found on the header of every Content List in the system under the Settings menu. If you want to abort a workflow which was started on an item you should follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the list

Navigate to that list on which you started the workflow.


2. Select Manage Workflows

Select Manage Workflows from Settings menu.

Select Manage Workflows

3. Find the workflow in the Current workflows section

In the bottom of the page you will find all workflows which were started on this Content List (and haven't deleted yet).

Find the workflow

4. Abort the selected workflow

Click on Abort action.

Click on abort

5. Confirm the abort process

You will be asked for confirmation.

Steps (using Explore)

If you want to abort a workflow using Explore, you have to know its location. This location depends on the settings of the Workflow start Portlet which was used to start this workflow.

1. Login and go to Explore

The user must have administrator privileges - you may use the admin user with the default install. Explore is a management surface of the portal where you can navigate through the Content Repository and manage content. Start Explore by clicking on the Explore link in the Portal Remote Control, the floating black panel on the main page visible to administrators!

2. Navigate to the parent folder of the running workflow

Using the tree on the right side of Explore page navigate to the workflow's parent folder.

Navigate to the parent folder of a sample workflow

3. Abort the workflow

Select Abort action from the action menu of the running workflow.

Selecting Abort action

4. Confirm the abort process

You will be asked for confirmation.

Confirming abort process


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