How to assign a workflow to a Content List

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You can use many different types of workflows in Sense/Net. See the Workflow page for more information on how Sense/Net and Windows Workflow Foundation can cooperate. On this page you can learn how to assign a currently existing workflow definition to a content list and let users start it.

There are two main types of workflows in Sense/Net:

  • Content workflows
  • Standalone workflows

Content workflows have one particular content that they were started on - e.g. an approval workflow can be started on a document.

Prior to version 6.3 you could assign only content workflows to content lists. Now there is a separate field that controls this behavior: Assignable to content list

For more information please check the Workflow types article.


In this section I will show you how to assign a workflow to a Content List step-by-step. To demonstrate this I will assign an Approval workflow to a Document Library.

1. Manage Workflows page

If you want to assign a workflow to a list you have to do it on the Manage workflows page. The Manage workflows menu item is available in the Settings menu of every Content List.

Go to manage workflows page

You can see in the following image that there are two available workflows in the portal (left panel) and currently there is no workflow assigned to this particular Document Library (right panel).

View available and currently assigned workflows

2. Assign a workflow

You have to choose from the available workflows on the left and click on the Assign to list link. An Assign workflow form will be displayed where you can fill the initial parameters of the workflow you chose. Initial parameters are the fields that the administrator wanted to be filled when a workflow type is assigned to a content list. For more information on defining the initial parameters see the How to create initial and start views for a workflow page. For example approval workflows may have a different approver person in different content lists.

In this case we assign an Approval workflow so we have to give the users who can approve documents and the time frame they will have for the approval. Default Approval workflow in Sense/Net has the following initial parameters:

  • Display name and Description
  • Start options: you have to allow the workflow to be started at least one of the following ways:
    • manual start: in this case users may start the workflow manually by selecting it from the assigned workflows' list
    • content creation: automatically, when a new content was created or uploaded
    • content change: automatically, when a content changes
    • content publish: automatically, when a content was published
  • First level approver: this user will receive a task to approve the chosen document
  • First level approve time frame: the time he/she will have to approve the document
  • Second level approvers: if the first level approve did not approve the document in time, they will receive their own task for approving the document
  • Second level approve time frame: all the second level approver should approve or reject the document in this time frame. If they do not decide, the document will be approved automatically
Assign a workflow to the list

After you click the Assign to list button the workflow will be connected to the list and you will be redirected to the list view.

3. Review the result

If you go to the manage workflows page again, you can see that the workflow you chose is now assigned to the list.

Workflow is assigned to the list


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