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Site URL settings

Sense/Net ECMS provides a way for administrators to configure the necessary URLs for web sites. In most cases this setting has to be set only once, when a new site is added to the system. However there are some cases when you need to change the URL settings later. This article provides two ways to change the URL settings of Sense/Net web sites.


If you want your site to be accessible from a specific url (e.g. you need to set this url in the following places:

  • Internet Information Services (IIS): the Bindings collection should contain the appropriate url.
  • Sense/Net configuration - either one of the following places
    • set on the portal user interface (stored in the Content Repository, on one of the Site content)
    • set in the web.config - this one takes precedence over the previous setting

The following sections describe how to make the necessary settings in Sense/Net ECMS and which one to use in a given situation.

Steps for configuring URLs on the portal

In normal circumstances you have to set site URLs on the appropriate Site content in the Content Repository. Every Site content is a counterpart of the web site defined in IIS.

Edit or create a Site content

Navigate to the appropriate site content (e.g. /Root/Sites/Default_Site) in Content Explorer and press the Edit link.

Site URL settings

Modify the URL settings

Add or modify the necessary URL setting by pressing the Add new URL link or modifying one of the existing URL rows. Please be aware of the authentication type setting that determines how the portal tries to authenticate requests for the site. If unsure choose Forms.

for Portal Builders

About the URL list field and the control that displays it please check the following articles:

Steps for configuring URLs in web.config

There are some cases when the portal is not accessible (for example because of a configuration error). In these cases you can configure the URL list defined for a particular site in the web.config file. This URL list is the same that we talked about in the previous section - only that this is set in the web.config and overrides the setting on the portal.

Locate the setting in web.config

The URL list setting (called urlList) can be found under the sensenet section group (note that this setting requires the UrlListSection configuration section to be in place).

Modify the web.config setting

Add the necessary URL to the appropriate site - in this case URL to Default site.

    <site path="/Root/Sites/Default_Site">
        <url host="localhost" auth="Forms" />
        <url host="" auth="Forms" />

Please note that this setting fully overrides all URL configuration stored in the Content Repository.

It is advisable that you provide a setting here that allows you to access the site, than adjust the site settings in Content Explorer and remove the setting from the web.config after that. Do not use this permanently in production environment. Because setting URL values in Content Explorer takes all current settings into account (urls must be unique), it is advisable to provide only the necessary one in web.config, than set all the others on the portal.

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