How to debug Sense/Net using source code

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  • 6.0
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Sense/Net can be easily debugged on any Windows based system (check the requirements section).


  • Sense/Net 6.0 is successfully installed on your workstation using Web Application Deployment package.


  • 1. Unzip the source file
    • You have to unzip the contents of the Source version file into a local folder.
  • 2. Open the solution file
    • Open the SenseNet.sln file with Visual Studio 2010. The solution file can be found under the <YourLocalPathToSource>\Source\SenseNet\.
  • 3. Build the solution
  • 4. You have 2 options:
    • After you compiled the solution you can copy and overwrite all binaries in your IIS Site root where Sense/Net 6.0 is imported.
      • Copy the <YourLocalPathToSource>\Source\SenseNet\WebSite\bin\*.* to
    • Or select Tools/Options/Debugging menu in Visual Studio 2010.
      • The 'Request source files to exactly match the original version' must be unchecked.
  • 5. Request the main page of your local working Sense/Net site.
  • 6. Attach debugger from Visual Studio for the appropriate IIS Process (w3wp.exe) and start debugging.