How to display running workflows column in a Content List

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You can start workflows in a list if there any workflows assigned to the list. You can display information about the currently running workflows in the list by adding one column to the content list view you choose.


In this section I will show you how to display a one-column information about the currently running workflows in a Content List step-by-step.

1. Edit content list view

To add a new column to a content list view you have to go to the Edit views page for the content list. To achieve this you have to select the Manage views menu item from the Settings menu in the header of the particular Document Library.

Go to Edit views page

Select the Edit properties action from the action menu of the selected content list view.

Select the view you want to modify

2. Select the Workflows Running column

Open the Advanced fields section in the View composition panel and select the Workflows Running field. Provide a column width and select the Center alignment option.

Select the Running Workflows column

After you saved the view and pressed the Done button on the Edit views page, you will be redirected back to the list and can see the new column (if you edited the currently active view). If there are running workflows in the list you will see an icon that indicates this. Clicking the icon will lead you to the currently running workflows page related to that particular content.

Note that if you edited a different list view than the currently selected active view, you have to change the active view on the far right side of the content list toolbar to see the results.

Review the new column


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