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Notification delete Portlet is responsible for deleting a Notifications subscribed by the user. It has no visual appearance; it just calles the appropriate methods and redirects to the caller page.


Basically, you can delete your own Notifications only, but there are an apportunity to delete another user's.

If the portlet gets no parameters, it deletes the notification of the Context Node subscribed by the current user. You can give a parameter to the portlet:

  • UserPath: if you set this, you can delete the given user's notification.

for Portal builders

In fact you have nothing to do with the portlet after you added it to your application page. It will never be shown for the user, so any UI is not needed. If you would like to display a link for each element of a notification list, you can do it easily with an ActionLinkButton:

<sn:ActionLinkButton runat="server" ID="BtnDelete" ActionName="DeleteNotification" NodePath='<%#Eval("ContentPath") %>'>

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