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Permission Constraints
You can set different permissions on a single Content for users/groups/organizational units using the Sense/Net Permission System. There are a number of different permission types that can be used to control different types of access - access like see, open, save, etc. These permission types are related to each other and setting a specific permission type may result in automatic setting of another.


Permission groups

The different permission types fall into one of the four permission groups:

  1. Read permissions: See, Open, OpenMinor,
  2. Write permissions: Save, Publish, ForceCheckin, AddNew, Approve, Delete, RecallOldVersion, DeleteOldVersion,
  3. Permission control: SeePermissions, SetPermissions,
  4. Application: RunApplication.
  5. Workspace administration: Manage lists and workspaces.
Permission groups

Permission constraints

1. Checking any ‘Deny’ checkbox clears ‘Allow’ in same row and vice versa:


2. There are five level of read permissions. Allowing a higher level allows lower levels:
Except: Preview without watermark and Preview without redaction are independent from each other so these permissions are on the same level.
Allow Open allows See:
Allow Restricted preview allows See:
Allow Preview without watermark or Preview without redaction allows Restricted preview and See:
Allow Open allows all Previews and See
Allow OpenMinor allow Open, 3 Previews and See.
Allow OpenMinor allows Open and See:

3. Allowing any write permission allows every read permission:
e.g. allowing Publish allows See, Open, OpenMinor:

4. Clearing a lower read level clears higher read levels and every write permission. In the same way denying a lower read level denies higher read levels and every write permission:
(there is only one exception: Preview without watermark and Preview without redaction do not clear or deny each other)
e.g. denying Restricted preview denies Preview without watermark, Preview without redaction, OpenMinor, every write permissions: Save, Publish, ForceCheckin, AddNew, Approve, Delete, RecallOldVersion, DeleteOldVersion and Manage lists and workspaces:

5. Permission controlling permissions
Allowing SetPermissions allows SeePermissions. Clearing/denying SeePermissions clears/denies SetPermissions.

6. Manage List and workspaces permission
Allowing Manage List and workspaces allows all permissions in the open group, Save, Add new and Delete permissions. Clearing or denying any of the mentioned permission clears or denies the Manage List and workspaces.
Allowing Manage List and workspaces:


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