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Purge action
The Purge From Proxy Action is for editors who want to remove the dependencies of a specific content or page from the proxy cache. For more information about configuring the proxy see the Proxy Cache Configuration page.


The purge from proxy action is designed to purge URLs immediately from the proxy cache. This feature uses a configurable algorithm to collect the URL list for a particular content that needs to be sent to the proxy for purging. For more information about configuring this module see the Proxy Purge API page.

Action accessibility

You can invoke the purge action either from Explore or from Portal Remote Control.

  • Explore page
Purge action in Explore
  • PRC
Purge action in PRC

Please note that this action will only be accessible if there are proxy servers configured in the system.

URL collector algorithm

The default collector algorithm is the following: the content path will be used with all the existing site urls and if the content is under one of the sites, the site relative URL also will be added. For example:

  • Content: /Root/Sites/MySite/Folder/CustomContent
  • Sites:
    • DefaultSite (example1.com, example2.com)
    • MySite (www.mysite.com)
  • URLs that will be purged:
    • example1.com/Root/Sites/MySite/Folder/CustomContent
    • example2.com/Root/Sites/MySite/Folder/CustomContent
    • www.mysite.com/Root/Sites/MySite/Folder/CustomContent
    • www.mysite.com/Folder/CustomContent

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