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On this page you can find informations about usage of portlets, applications and other features for tagging functionality.



Tag Admin Portlet

Tag admin Portlet is intended for administrating tags in the system.

The following actions can be performed:

  • Listing tags with sorting based on any property
  • Add a new tag to content repository ()
  • Edit, delete and blacklist any tag in the content repository
  • Import new tags to content repository
  • Delete unused tags from content repository
  • Search for tags via the Tag Search Applicaton

Tag Cloud Portlet

The Tag cloud Portlet is a portlet for rendering the Tags in the system as a TagCloud.

The portlet lists every tag in the system and shows it in different sizes depending on occurency. The more the tag used on a content the bigger it is in the TagCloud. By clicking on a tag in the cloud you will be redirected to the search page related to that tag.

Tag Search Portlet

Tag search Portlet finds contents which has the given tag.


  • Tag Search Applicaton based on a smart application modell which uses the Tag search Portlet.
  • Tag Delete Applicaton based on a smart application modell. It is a generic delete application without user interface. It removes the deleted tag from contents containing it.
  • Tag Edit Applicaton based on a smart application modell. It is a generic edit application. It renames the edited tag on contents containing it.

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