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Sense/Net provides a skin system for customizing pages appearance. Builders may define new skins with custom styles, javascript functions and control templates that allow the looks of individual pages to be fully customized. End users with appropriate permissions to edit pages and sites may pick specific skins from a set of built-in and custom created skins to set or change skin settings of pages and sites.


The Sense/Net skin system provides a way to easily customize the look and feel of sites, and to easily choose between multiple skin settings for sites or individual pages.

Skin resources are handled in an intelligent manner, with smart resolution and fallback to global settings, enabling the use of partial skins. The skin system enables you to customize JavaScript behavior, CSS styles, images, etc. Thanks to our conformance to the UI CSS class naming conventions, it is easy to create new themes or adapt existing JQuery UI-based to use with Sense/Net.

CSS skin demo: Skin 1
CSS skin demo: Skin 2

Depending on the version of Sense/Net, the generated HTML may not always contain JQuery UI classes.

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