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Sense/Net provides a skin system for customizing pages appearance. End users with appropriate permissions to edit pages and sites may pick specific skins from a set of built-in and custom created skins to set or change skin settings of pages and sites.


As an end user you are able to set a Skin for pages either by setting a Skin for an entire site or by choosing a skin for separate pages individually. The current skin settings for a page is determined by a fallback chain which includes the currently viewed Page or Application Page of the current context and the current Site. Below is a list defining the order of skin resolution. The skin of the viewed page is determined by

  • the skin settings of the current Page or Application Page
  • the skin settings of the current Site - if the Application Page has no specific skin set
  • the skin settings defined in Web.Config file (DefaultSkinName key) - if the current Site has no specific skin set

Choose a Skin

By default the system provides a pre-installed skin (called sensenet) that contains all of the images, scripts, styles used in the demo install. If your system has other skins defined you are able to pick one of them to customize the look and feel of your sites or pages. Let's see how you can do this:

for Sites

Log in as Administrator, go to Explore and invoke the site's Edit action (for example: http://localhost/?action=Edit This link works only if you have a live demo install on your localhost! (Don't forget! Some feature needs authentication and/or admin rights!)). Find the Skin content field, and press the Add button to bring up the Content Picker where you can choose a Skin content. Save the changes (Done editing). That's it!

the Skin content field on a Site node

for Pages

If you would like some pages to differ from the site's skin just edit the page and set its Skin property the same way as above.

This Skin field value is not inherited to the subpages yet! If you need a branch in the site with different skin you have to set it on every subpage! (We plan to support inheritance in a future release)

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