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If you are a portal builder, you can display, query, search, and edit the user accounts at the Explorer.
The Users have: name, domain, username, E-mail address, language, enabled status, etc.

Browsing the users

Using the Explorer

You can browse users at the Explorer. You can find the Domain at /Root/IMS directory, and you can find the users under the Domain.
At the Domain you can find Organizational Unit, or Users.

Advanced Explorer

Using the user browser view

The user browser view enables you to see information about the selected user.

User browser view

If you click to a user, you get a detailed page about its personal data. There you can see his/her avatar, full name, domain, user name, e-mail address, manager, title, phone number, department, spoken languages and description. If you click to the e-mail address, your default e-mail application opens a new blank mail with the user's address in the address field. The manager is clickable as well, it takes you to the manager's browsing view. Below there are some buttons which represent the available actions on the user. You can edit, delete, explore and check its version. Of course you have to have the appropriate authority to do these.

The browse view can be found in /Root/Global/contentviews/User/Browse.ascx. If you address a user with URL (for example, http://localhost/Root/IMS/BuiltIn/Portal/Administrator ), the portal redirects you to its browsing view. If you remove the Browse.ascx file from the User folder, the default view for the users will be the general contentview.

Create new users

Using the Explorer

You can add users at the Explorer. At the /Root/IMS directory, you have to select the Domain, to which you want to add user.
To add user, you click to for the New, add User.

Create new user

You have to fill the form with URL Name, E-mail, Full name, etc. If you filled the form, save your works.

Registration form

User Profile

When creating a new user, you also creates a User Profile for him/her. A User Profile can contain certain settings for the appropriate user. For further information about User Profiles go to the User Profile page.

Edit users with Explorer

If you click on Edit (Action edit.png) button on a user you will go to the edit page. There you can upload a new avatar and edit the data of the user. You can also add or change its manager by selecting it from the picker appeared after you clicked the Add or Change button. Of course you can also remove it by clicking the Clear or Remove (Action delete.png) button.

There are some fields which are compulsory to fill, these are marked with an asterisk. If you leave at least one of them empty, you cannot save the form.

At the bottom of the page you have three possibilities. Firstly, if you want to save your work and then stay in edit mode, click on the Save Draft button. Secondly, if you finished editing the user, choose the Done Editing button to go to browse view to see the result. Thirdly, if you would like to discard the changes and reset the form to its original state click on the Cancel button.

Edit user

Setting permissions on a user

On the edit page you can also manage the membership of the current user in different user groups. After checking/unchecking the groups, you can apply your changes by clicking the Update memberships button.

Updating group memberships does not save the changes made on the user data and vice versa.

You can access this feature from the user's edit screen, or through the ManageGroups action of any user. (e.g. http://localhost/Root/IMS/BuiltIn/Portal/Administrator?action=ManageGroups)

Delete users with Explorer

You can delete users at the Explorer. At the /Root/IMS directory, you have to select which User, you want to delete.
Click to the User what you want delete, and click to delete. New window will open, and asks to confirm deleting.

Delete user