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Creation of a User Profile

When you created a User a User Profile is also created with it. The User Profile contains settings and additional data for the User. It is actually a workspace for the User, who has administrator privileges on it. The User Profile can contain Folders or other contents.

Properties of User Profile

The creation of a User Profile for a new User is not mandatory, you can switch it off from the WebSite's web.config:

      <add key="UserProfilesEnabled" value="false" />

From version 7.0.0:

A User Profile is made of a simple content template, that connected to the UserProfile content type. Developers are able to use any content template to generate a User Profile for a user type that derived from User content type. User types from now on can be connected to a type of user profile templates through a setting. This setting is called UserProfile.settings (and resides at /Root/System/Settings).

Details of UserProfile.setting:

   User: {ProfileType: "UserProfile", ProfilesTarget: "/Root"}


  • User: the name of the User content type (can be more than one of this element),
  • ProfileType: the name of the user profile template,
  • ProfilesTarget: the access path for the Profiles folder (Sense/Net will save the profile to this path)