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User control Portlet displaying a custom control
On a User control portlet user can display a custom ASP.Net control. This feature comes handy when a special, customized control is needed on the portal. E.g. when you want to implement your own login control logic or an own image gallery.


User control portlet is one of the simplest Portlets in the system, thus it has only a few properties and doesn't implement context binding settings (see e.g. Content viewer Portlet) neither caching facilities. It is a Portlet with thin application logic that is able to host various applications - which makes the User control Portlet a good choice to be used when building applications from ASCX controls with or without code-behind. It is usefule to use ASCX user controls as building blocks of applications as they allow builders to modify the layout of controls.


Own properties

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Control path ControlPath text The absolute path to the user control (.ascx) in the Content Repository.

Inherited properties

User interface

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Portlet title Title text Sets the visible title of the current portlet. Title header visibility is controlled with Appearance property
Appearance ChromeType Default
Controls title and border visibility. By default both are visible
Renderer Renderer Repository path Select an XSLT renderer for rendering portlet output
Portlet skin css prefix SkinPreFix text When set portlet container div gets an extra css class. Ie. 'skinexample' adds css class 'skinexampleSkin' to container div

for Portal builders

Just add this portlet to your page, set the Control path property and you are ready! You can use your new user control right the way!

PageTemplate embedding code

You can embed UserControl portlet into your pagetemplates likely other portlets. (Don't forget to set the unique ID and runat attributes!)


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