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WebRoot Folder
The Content Repository contains a special folder called WebRoot located at /Root/System/WebRoot. It is a container for essential system pages, controls and handlers.

For information about the physical files and folders in the web folder, please visit this article.



The folder contains the following content:

  • DWS folder: a container for all Office Protocol related handlers, services and pages.
  • binaryhandler.ashx: a handler for retrieving binaries of Content, widely used for visualizing images stored in Image Fields.
  • Explore.html: page for Explore
  • ExploreFrame.html: page defining right frame of Explore
  • ExploreTree.aspx: page defining left frame of Explore
  • picker.aspx: control of Content Picker
  • portlet-preview.aspx: a page displaying a preview of a portlet, used by wysiwyg editor's Insert Content from Content Repostory feature
  • prc.ascx: control of Portal Remote Control
  • Resources.ashx: a handler used by the resource editor
  • tinyproxy.ashx: a handler used by wysiwyg editor
  • UploadProxy.ashx: handler for uploading files


You can set permissions to these content in order to restrict access to certain functions. All functions are available for Administrator, Administrators and Developers. The following list summarizes default permissions:

  • DWS: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, Everyone
  • binaryhandler.ashx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, Everyone
  • Explore.html: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, Everyone
  • ExploreFrame.html: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, Everyone
  • ExploreTree.aspx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, Everyone
  • picker.aspx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, IdentifiedUsers
  • portlet-preview.aspx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers
  • prc.ascx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers
  • Resources.ascx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, Everyone
  • tinyproxy.ashx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers
  • UploadProxy.ashx: Administrator, Administrators, Developers, IdentifiedUsers

See #Example/Tutorials section for examples.


Files located in the WebRoot Folder can be addressed two ways:

  • using absolute address, ie. /Root/System/WebRoot/prc.ascx, or
  • using relative address, ie. /prc.ascx - if the file is listed in the web.config as a webroot file.

In order to use relative addresses for files in the WebRoot Folder, they must be listed in the web.config with the WebRootFiles keys. By default it contains the following:

    <add key="WebRootFiles" value="binaryhandler.ashx;Explore.html;ExploreFrame.html;ExploreTree.aspx;picker.aspx;

The files listed here can be addressed root-relatively, the system will automatically redirect the request to the corresponding file under the /Root/System/WebRoot folder.


Permission settings to restrict Office Protocol

An example for restricting/allowing access to a certain core functionality is to deny permissions from a user on the DWS folder so that the user can not open Word documents in Office. If you create a new user it will be able to open and edit documents in Office, since the default permissions on the DWS folder include the Everyone group. If you break the permission inheritance on this folder and remove the Everyone group, only Administrators will be able to access this functionality. For all other users Office documents will be opened in read-only mode. Not even the handy Office open-dialog functionality will be available for them, as it is handled by a handler located under the DWS folder. Please note, that in order to display the Edit in Microsoft Office link, the user must have sufficient permissions for both the document and the Application in question (/Root/(apps)/File/Edit-in-Microsoft-Office), and the visibility of this link does not depend on the user's permission on the webroot DWS folder.

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