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Web folder structure
Sense/Net ECMS is a web application that needs to have a couple of files and folders in the physical web folder of the application. We try to keep this list on a minimum to make administrative tasks easier. This article lists what you will find in the web folder after you install Sense/Net ECMS.

For security reasons the contents of these folders cannot be accessed through web requests by any client. Because of this you cannot create content in your site root in the Content Repository with the same name as one of these folders below, as these folders are reserved for Sense/Net ECMS.

Please note that the information in this article is related to Sense/Net ECMS version 6.3.1 Patch 2 or later.

Directories in the web folder

For details about the built-in ASP.NET folders, please visit this article on MSDN.


Contains all the executables and packages needed by the packaging framework. This is the place where you will execute update packages. For details please visit the following article:


From MSDN: Contains browser definitions (.browser files) that ASP.NET uses to identify individual browsers and determine their capabilities.

Additionally to the optional browser files, in Sense/Net we have a special browser file here that modifies the behaviour of the standard HtmlTextWriter to render the correct URL to the action attribute of HTML forms. This is needed by our virtualization system to work.


ASP.NET built-in folder for application data files. The contents of this folder are protected by ASP.NET and IIS and cannot be downloaded directly. In Sense/Net ECMS we store the Lucene index files here.


All the libraries that are necessary for Sense/Net ECMS to run.


All the executables and configuration files needed by the Task Management framework to run. This folder is where you put your own task executors and this is what you can copy to your agent machines when using the distributed task management feature (after version this is done automatically). For details please visit the following article.


Contains all the command line tools shipped with Sense/Net ECMS (for example the Export and Import tools) and their configuration files. If they need to have their own Lucene index files, they are configured to put a separate index folder into the App_Data folder (see above) by default. Please execute the tools from this folder.

Files in the web folder


The well-known ASP.NET configuration file for web applications.


This is the ASP.NET 'application file' that points to the class containing application-level events like Start, End, Error. This file cannot be virtualized and points to a custom Sense/Net class.

Web folder in the Content Repository

If you need to place a file to the web folder (e.g. an ashx file or other system file), please consider using the 'WebRoot folder' that Sense/Net ECMS stores in the Content Repository. It resembles the physical web folder and you may even set permissions on content files and folders there.

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