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There are a couple of features in Sense/Net that are designed to help people collaborate and share information easily. One of them is the Wiki that is a simple module that helps users create articles and link them to each other using the well-known wiki syntax.


The Wiki is a Workspace itself that can be create in a global place (e.g. in the root of a site) or under another workspace. For example there is a possibility that you have a project workspace for building the foundations of a new project and users want to share information with each other or with a public audience. You can choose to create a wiki under the workspace and let users write articles about workspace-specific subjects and connect them with wiki links.

Adding a wiki to a workspace

To add a wiki to a workspace, you need to go to the Create other... page of the workspace that is available from the Workspace actions menu on the top right corner of the workspace.

Create other...

If the Wiki content type is listed amongst the available content types of the workspace, you will be able to add a wiki:

Create wiki

After saving the new Wiki, users are able to start writing articles to the wiki that can be accessed from the left menu on the workspace.

If you don't see Wiki in the Create other page then you need to add the Wiki Content Type into the list of available Content Types of the current workspace.

Adding and editing articles

On the wiki main page there is a left menu that lists the main features of the wiki. Here you can upload images or create new articles by clicking the New article item.

New article

If you created an article, it will show up in the Recent changes page or you can find it with the search feature from the header of the page. On the browse page of the article there are Edit, Delete and History links if you want to modify or delete the article or review previous versions.

Wiki article

Wiki links

The most important feature of the wiki is the ability to create links to nonexisting articles that will be created later with wiki syntax. You can insert into the text of one wiki article a link to another article with the following syntax:

[[Article Title|link title]]

If you do not provide a link title, the article title will be displayed on the link. The article title is compulsory.

After you save an article, you can check the result of your wiki links. If the article already exists with that title, a link will be generated that points to that existing article. If it does not exist yet, an action link will be generated that leads you to a new article page where you can create that missing article. After you save this new article, the links in all referencing articles will change to a simple browse link and you can check all the referencing pages at the bottom of the article.


Adding images

You can reference any image from the portal when you edit an article, the rich text editor allows you to pick one. It is advisable to store all the wiki-related images under the Images folder of the wiki where you can find the easily. You can upload images quickly by pressing the Upload image link in the left menu of the wiki.

Select image


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