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Start registration
Workflow start Portlet is designed for portal builders who want to display a page where users can start a Workflow. The portlet is a special kind of content creator portlet that starts a workflow. Portal builders should provide a few information about workflows for this portlet to work:
  • Content Type name of the workflow to start
  • Where to put the started workflows
  • Confirmation content if needed


The Workflow start Portlet is a Context bound portlet meaning that it is able to start workflows anywhere in the system. You have to bind the portlet to a container where you want the started workflow instances to be created. In case of public registration the portlet is placed onto a page and the registration workflows will be created under the page into a system folder called Workflows.

Content View for the portlet

The displayed content view is automatically selected based on the given workflow type. The portlet displays the content view called StartWorkflow.ascx for that type - in case of RegistrationWorkflow, the following view will be displayed:

  • /Root/Global/contentviews/RegistrationWorkflow/StartWorkflow.ascx

If you provided a custom content view using the ContentViewPath property, than it will be loaded instead of the start workflow view. About creating content views for workflows see this page.


Below you can see the editable properties of this portlet:

Own properties


Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Workflow type WorkflowType one of the available workflow type names If you leave this entry empty, the portlet will behave like a simple add content portlet
Start the workflow on the current content StartOnCurrentContent true/false If set the workflow will start on the current content. Use this option when you are building a smart application page.
Workflow container path WorkflowContainerPath Repository path Container folder for the started workflow instances. If you leave this entry empty, the system will place the workflow content under the current content.
Workflow template path WorkflowTemplatePath Repository path Template workflow content that contains all the initial data. If the workflow does not need any initial data you can leave this entry empty.

User interface

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Confirmation content path ConfirmContentPath path of the confirmation content Define a content that will be displayed to the user after the workflow is started

Inherited properties

User interface

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Contentview path ContentViewPath Repository path Path of the contentview which renders the selected content. Leave it empty for automatic resolution by type
Portlet title Title text Sets the visible title of the current portlet. Title header visibility is controlled with Appearance property
Appearance ChromeType Default
Controls title and border visibility. By default both are visible
Portlet skin css prefix SkinPreFix text When set portlet container div gets an extra css class. Ie. 'skinexample' adds css class 'skinexampleSkin' to container div

Context binding

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Bind Target BindTarget Unselected
Select the bound content. Set it to CustomRoot to select a content with absolute path regardless of the context
Custom root path CustomRootPath Root relative Repository path Define bound content with absolute path when Bind Target is set to CustomRoot
Ancestor selector index AncestorIndex positive whole number Set the bound content to the ancestor of Bind Target specified by index. 0 leaves the bound content as specified above, 1 selects parent, higher value selects higher order ancestor
Relative content selector path RelativeContentPath relative Repository path Sets the bound content relative to the above settings with a relative path. Ie.: 'CustomChildFolder/CustomNode' selects 'CustomNode' from Bind Target's 'CustomChildFolder' child folder. Relative to ancestor when Ancestor selector index is set

New content

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Create relative path if not exist CreateRelativePath true/false If the given relative subpath (defined with context binding) does not exist the portlet creates the structure
Relative container type name RelativeContentTypeName text If you selected the 'Create relative path' option, this content type will be used to create the containers. Default is Folder.

User group information

for Portal builders

If you want to embed your Workflow start portlet into your PageTemplates somewhere, look at the following markup. The attributes/options and the range of their accepted values are the same as above.(Don't forget to include a unique ID and runat="server" attributes!)

   Title="Some Portlet Title" 
   WorkflowType = "RegistrationWorkflow"


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