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Sense/Net allows individuals in an organization to easily create and manage their own collaborative sites, called workspaces. A Sense/Net Workspace is a special area on your intranet, extranet or public site with libraries, lists and pages configured for a predefined goal. Workspaces may contain sub-workspaces, and further sub-workspaces.

You can create a new workspace from built-in workspace types (Sales workspace, Document workspace, Project workspace, etc.), create one from scratch, or create a new template others can use. Every workspace has its own navigation, members (custom permissions) and many other settings that are related only to the given workspace (e.g. a workspace wall). A root site is also a workspace, which means that Sense/Net sites are built from workspaces.


With Sense/Net Workspaces a team can create a collaborative web site with some clicks where

  • workspace members can share and store relevant information concerning a topic,
  • the access can be limited to the team (and other users they allow to participate),
  • on the workspace wall user posts and workspace updates are listed,
  • the team does not have to call IT to set up anything,
  • the team members can open and edit documents with Microsoft Office from the browser.

Workspaces simplify how people find and share information across company boundaries and enable better informed decisions. They make the users' life simpler and more efficient.

Do not forget that they are fun to use.

We can distinguish two different types of workspaces:

  • collaborative workspaces - they contain lists and libraries, they have members,
  • other workspaces - used to formulate a separate area on the site. For example in case of a public site when you want to create a subsite it is recommended to create a separate workspace for the subsite (start from empty workspace).

In a system built on Sense/Net there can be many different types of workspaces. It is typical to create new workspace templates for a new Sense/Net installation since the business needs are different for every organization. For demo purposes, you can use the built-in workspace types.

Built-in workspace types

The built in workspace types are the following:

In Sense/Net the workspace content itself can be custom tailored as well. E.g. you can add extra fields to the form of a sales workspace.

In every workspace you can:

  • define the list, libraries and other content types users can create in the workspace,
  • turn on/off version history for any content in the workspace,
  • turn on/off approval for any content in the workspace,
  • turn on/off the workspace wall.

You can customize a workspace after you created one. You can add new lists and libraries, you can add new portlets to workspace pages, etc.


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