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Content templates are predefined templates for creating new content. You can access the templated creation functionality from code as well.


Creating content from content template

Use the following syntax to create a content or a content structure from template:

var content = ContentTemplate.CreateTemplated(parentpath, templatepath);

The CreateTemplated function has the following overloads:

// loads the first appropriate template for the provided content type, and creates a content under the specified targetPath
Content CreateTemplated(string contentTypeName, string templateName, string targetPath)
// creates a content under the specified parentPath using the template at the given templatePath
Content CreateTemplated(string parentPath, string templatePath)
// creates a content with the provided name (nameBase parameter) under the specified parent, from the given template
Content CreateTemplated(Node parent, Node template, string nameBase)

Resolving templates

A template for a given content type can be resolved with the GetTemplatesForType function. You can use the following syntax:

// loads templates from /Root/ContentTemplates for the given content type (contentTypeName)
IEnumerable<T> GetTemplatesForType<T>(string contentTypeName)
// loads templates from under the given context (contextPath) for the given content type (contentTypeName)
IEnumerable<T> GetTemplatesForType<T>(string contentTypeName, string contextPath)


Creating a workspace from template

The following example shows a custom function that creates a workspace using the given template at the specified path:

private static Content CreateWorkspace(string targetPath, string templatePath, Dictionary<string, object> properties = null)
    var parentPath = RepositoryPath.GetParentPath(targetPath);
    var name = RepositoryPath.GetFileName(targetPath);
    var parent = Node.LoadNode(parentPath);
    var template = Node.LoadNode(templatePath);
    var workspace = ContentTemplate.CreateTemplated(parent, template, name);
    workspace["Name"] = name;
    if (properties != null)
        foreach (var key in properties.Keys)
            workspace[key] = properties[key];
    return workspace;

Loading a given template

The following example shows how to load the first corresponding template given the template name and the content type name:

var templateName = "MyProjectWorkspaceTemplate";
var contentTypeName = "ProjectWorkspace";
var templatesForContentType = GetTemplatesForType<Node>(contentTypeName);
var template = from t in templatesForContentType
               where t.Name.Equals(templateName)
               select t;
if (template.Count() < 1)
    throw new InvalidOperationException(String.Format("There is no template with {0} name for {1} contentType.", templateName, contentTypeName));
var templateNode = template.FirstOrDefault();

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