How to start a workflow on the current context

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In Sense/Net you can start workflows in a list or on a completely customized portal page. And there is possibility to start a workflow on the current content, using predefined settings on a smart application page.

In this article you can learn how to start a workflow in a context bound environment using the Workflow start Portlet.

See the Workflow page for detailed information on creating and managing workflows.


In this section I will show you how to build a smart application page that can be used to start a workflow on a content step-by-step.

1. Creating an application page

To start a workflow on a content in a smart aplpication environment you should create an application page for starting the workflow. In this case we create a page for the WebContentDemo content type.

  • /Root/(apps)/WebContentDemo/StartCustomWorkflow
Create new page

Please fill the page properties necessary for a common application page: Page template, Icon identifier, Scenario (in this case, ListItem)

Fill page properties

2. Adding the Workflow start portlet to the page

Switch the application page created above to Edit mode and place a Workflow start portlet onto it (it resides in the Content operation category). The following image displays the property window of the portlet.

Start workflow portlet properties

Edit the portlet properties and set the following values:

  • Portlet title: Start my custom workflow
  • Workflow type: Chose your custom workflow type here, e.g. a custom Approval workflow
  • Workflow container path: the folder where you want the system to store the started workflow instances.
  • Workflow template path: if your workflow needs a template (e.g. where you fill the approver person or time frame for approval), choose it here. If the workflow does not need any initial data, you can leave this entry empty.

If you followed the steps above, users will be able to start the workflow on any WebContentDemo content.

Start workflow


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