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This page contains information about the following patch published for Sense/Net ECMS Enterprise Edition:

  • version before the patch:
  • version after the patch:

Please note that patches, upgrades and other packages are published only for the Enterprise Edition. Community customers may perform the upgrade manually after the next community release.

Installing the patch

To install this patch, please follow the following steps.

SnAdmin folder and configuration

Make sure that you have a complete SnAdmin folder next to your website and the configuration (connection string, paths of other web folders in NLB system) is correct. Please read that article carefully about executing a package - for example when to stop and start the web site, how to configure the tool.

Execute the package

This patch contains the following package. You should copy it to the SnAdmin folder and execute it:

SnAdmin snent-patch-

Modify web.config

After executing the package you need to remove the following section from the web.config.

   <add segment="TaskManagement" />

Modify configurations

Starting with this patch the recommended place for tools is the <website>\Tools folder. Please set your configuration files there according to your environment and execute the tools from there from now on. You should also modify the configuration file for SnAdmin in the <website>\Admin\bin folder as that is the place for SnAdmin from now on.

For details see the Web folder structure article.

Update Task agents

If you are using the Task Management framework in distributed mode, there is no automatic way for updating the TaskManagement folder on separate agent machines, you will have to do that manually. You should do the following:

  1. stop the task agent service (you do not have to unregister the service, only stop it)
  2. overwrite the dlls and executables with the new ones found in the <website>\TaskManagement folder
  3. restart the service

This is the last time you had to do this: starting with this patch, Sense/Net is able to update the task agents and executors automatically.

Check the results

You can review the log files created for the execution or after restarting the website you may review the results of the GetVersionInfo OData action.

Patch contents

In this article we list all the important new features, bug fixes and breaking changes that were made in the product since the release of the previous patch. To check previous change logs, please visit the following article:


  • SnAdmin: the new 1.1 version of our package manager tool is a big step forward: it makes upgrades and patches a lot easier than before and it lets developers add new custom steps on-the-fly.
  • New Built-in steps for SnAdmin are available to make package creation easier (most importantly conditional steps).
  • SnAdmin is able to generate a schema (xsd) file for package manifest xml to make package creation easier.
  • We rearranged the subfolders in our web folder to make automatic patches easier.
  • Task Management automatic update: distributed agents will notice that there is a new version on the server and will install it automatically.
  • A custom WebDav provider is able to control the list of workspace member users that are displayed in Microsoft Office 2007 on the Document Management Panel.

Breaking changes

  • Please make sure that you follow our guideline when executing tools, as we rearranged the contents of our web folder.

Resolved bugs

  • 'Turkey' fix: we use 'ToLowerInvariant' instead of 'ToLower' in indexing and permission evaluation to make indexed path values and texts culture-independent.
  • Context bound portlet will not crash when creating the cache key for non-existent bind targets.
  • It is possible to add new members to local workspace groups from the workspace main page.

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