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In the portal contents can be set as rateable. If it's set, as a user you can rate these contents.


View rating

In case of a rating enabled content you should see a control like this:

Rating on a Book content

You can see the stars on the content, those are responsible for the rating. The blue stars are show the average rate value of the content.

How to rate

As an end user you have the opportunity to rate any content that has rating enabled on because you have permission for it by default. So if you click on any of the stars you will rate the content with that value. As you can see we have five stars here but this scale can be customized so there could be more or less star for rating.

Cumulative statistics

When rating is enabled on a content a statistics panel can be enabled to see information about the rating on the content. If it is enabled you have to move your mouse over the rating stars to see this panel. You can see the cumulative statistics about the rating of the content for example the average rate value and the percentage values of the rates.

The cumulative statistics panel

Search by rating

The portal has functionality for searching contents by ratings.

TODO://Finish this! There is no docs for Rating Search portlet!

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