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Checkin comments
In Sense/Net there is a possibility to add comments when a content is checked in to the repository. To be able to use the check out and check in features, versioning should be enabled in that folder or content list. See Versioning and approval page for more details about content versioning.


In Sense/Net content can be checked out to a user. It means that no other user can modify it until the user checks in the content. In this page you can learn the ways of adding comments when you check in a document and the appropriate configuration settings.

There are a couple of requirements that this feature depends on:

  • Checkin comments are enabled on the portal (system operators may check the Configuration section)
  • Versioning is enabled in that particular folder or content list (see the Versioning and approval page for details)
  • The content is of the File type (developers may check the Customization section for how to change this)

Check in from the portal

Versioning settings

Before check in comments can be added to a document versioning should be enabled in the content list or folder. To do this you need to go to the settings page of the Document Library:

Document Library

Select General settings and choose one of the following values from the Version history drop-down menu on the advanced fields panel:

  • Major only
  • Major and Minor
Document Library settings

Save the settings and go back to the document library.

Check in the document

First you need to check out the document. This can be done by clicking on the locket icon next to the document or selecting the Check out menu item from the documents drop-down menu. After the document is checked out you will be able to select the Check in menu item or just click the locket icon in the list.

Check in the document

On the Check in page you are able to add some check in comments to the new version. If the portal is configured so the comments are Compulsory, you will not be able to check in the content without adding some comments.

Add checkin comments

Another way to check in a document and add comments is to select the Edit properties menu item from the documents drop-down menu, modify some properties and click on the Done editing button. A pop-up dialog will appear on the page with a text box for the comments.

Add checkin comments

After adding comments and clicking on the Done editing button the document will be checked in and other users can modify it.

Review previous versions and comments

You can see the previous versions and comments for a document by selecting the Versions menu item from the drop-down menu of a document.

Version history

Check in from Microsoft Word

For information about managing document from Microsoft Office please check the following page:


The configuration for checkin comments can be found in the application configuration files (the Web.config for the portal). The files contain a section called portalSettings that contains the CheckInComments key. Below is an excerpt of the default configuration:

<add key="CheckInComments" value="Recommended" />

The settings above can contain the following values:

  • None: no check in comments are needed, the check in page will never be displayed on the portal.
  • Recommended: it is possible to add check in comments when a document is checked in but the user can save the document without adding any comments
  • Compulsory: it is forbidden to check in the content without adding comments - at least one character is needed


If you are a developer you can customize the checkin behavior of the portal by overriding the CheckInCommentsMode property of the GenericContent class. You can switch on or off the behavior that asks for checkin comments for a particular content by returning one of the following values here:

  • None
  • Recommended
  • Compulsory


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