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The LongText Field is used for storing text without length restrictions.


Field handler

  • handler: SenseNet.ContentRepository.Fields.LongTextField
  • short name: LongText

Usage in CTD:

   <Field name="LongDescription" type="LongText">

Supported Field Controls


The following properties can be set in the Field's Field Setting configuration:

  • MaxLength: an integer type property defining the maximum length of the inserted text: 0 to infinite.
  • MinLength: an integer type property defining the minimal expected length of the inserted text: 0 to infinite.
  • TextType: defines the rendering mode of the input box. Available settings:
    • LongText: box is rendered as a simple textarea.
    • RichText: box is rendered as a textarea and contains editor buttons at the bottom of the box.
    • AdvancedRichText: box is rendered as a resizable textarea and contains breadcrumb indicator at the bottom of the box.

Be aware when RichText or AdvancedRichText is set as TextType, HTML tags are appended to the inserted text - that are not visible for the user. These extra characters are calculated in the length of the inserted text, thus MinLength and MaxLength settings in these cases should be used with precautions.

For a complete list of common Field Setting configuration properties see CTD Field definition.


Fully featured example:

<Field name="LongText1" type="LongText">
      <DisplayName>LongText data</DisplayName>
      <Description>Field for storing more than 450 characters.</Description>
        <DefaultValue>hello world</DefaultValue>

The above example configures the LongText Field so that:

  • default value is set to hello world
  • at most 300 characters are allowed to be inserted
  • at least 3 characters are expected to be inserted
  • Field value is editable (not read-only)
  • Field control is rendered as simple textarea

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