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Example title
Tag Search Portlet finds contents which has the given tag.



The following properties can be configured of the portlet:

  • Contentview path - The ContentView path of portlet. Default value is /Root/System/SystemPlugins/Portlets/TagSearch/TagSearch.ascx.

Here below you can see the editable properties of this portlet:

Tag Search Portlet Properties

User group informations

for End users

How to use

for Portal builders

PageTemplate embedding code

To embed into a Page Template use the following code:

<snpe:TagSearchPortlet  runat="server"  ID="{UniquePortletID}" />

Explanation of the tags

  • The snpe:TagSearchPortlet specifies that you want to embed a Tag Search portlet.
  • The ID attribute is compulsory and has to be unique within the Page Template.
  • The runat="server" attribute is compulsory for the portlet to work.
Additional attributes when embeding into page templates

The following attributes can be used when embedding the Content portlet:

  • ContentViewPath - path of the ContentView to be used.

HTML fragment for skining


for Developers

for System operators


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