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Purge URLs from proxy
This Portlet is designed to purge URLs immediately from the proxy cache. It uses a configurable algorithm to collect the URL list for a particular content that needs to be sent to the proxy for purging.


This portlet purges the URLs provided by the registered URL collector module immediately. It is placed on the Purge From Proxy action page by default. To customize the URL collector module, see the Proxy Purge API page.


Inherited properties

User interface

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Portlet title Title text Sets the visible title of the current portlet. Title header visibility is controlled with Appearance property
Appearance ChromeType Default
Controls title and border visibility. By default both are visible
Renderer Renderer Repository path Select an XSLT renderer for rendering portlet output
Custom CSS class(es) SkinPreFix text When set portlet container div gets an extra css class. Ie. 'skinexample' adds css class 'skinexampleSkin' to container div

Context binding

Property Property name for embedding Possible values Description
Bind Target BindTarget Unselected
Select the bound content. Set it to CustomRoot to select a content with absolute path regardless of the context
Custom root path CustomRootPath Root relative Repository path Define bound content with absolute path when Bind Target is set to CustomRoot
Ancestor selector index AncestorIndex positive whole number Set the bound content to the ancestor of Bind Target specified by index. 0 leaves the bound content as specified above, 1 selects parent, higher value selects higher order ancestor
Relative content selector path RelativeContentPath relative Repository path Sets the bound content relative to the above settings with a relative path. Ie.: 'CustomChildFolder/CustomNode' selects 'CustomNode' from Bind Target's 'CustomChildFolder' child folder. Relative to ancestor when Ancestor selector index is set

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